The small down of Thornsdrop has changed little in the past centuries. The spellplague’s ravages largely missed this tiny hovel; but this is not due to any magical protection bestowed upon the town from on high. Rather, one cannot truly destroy a town as poor as Thornsdrop. Where greater empires have fallen, Thornsdrop has survived by virtue of its mediocrity.

Somehow, your tiny adventuring band has attained the favor of some functionary in the realm of Cormyr, and you have been granted a limited adventurer’s charter. This allows your group the privilege of carrying weapons into a town without being shot on sight, and it also exempts you from the standard 100% tax on salvage within the Cormyrian lands. (Other kingdoms may charge different rates. Since nobody bothers to claim jurisdiction over Thornsdrop, in large part because most cartographers assume it to be the den of some particularly unkempt wild boars, you have little worry about official harassment here)

The first task of the players will be to develop a group backstory. I would like you all, for the sake of coherence within the FR setting, to be a part of this company. Do explain what you’ve done to acquire this privilege of the charter, but keep in mind that you are level 1, and so your deeds should reflect that level of heroism.

House rules: 1. A roll of 20 is a critical hit in battle (per the rules, assuming your total bonus is higher than target’s relevant defense). A roll of 20 is NOT an automatic success anywhere else. Your illiterate, drooling, unkempt barbarian does not have a 5% chance to seduce the high-society princess if he’s got a -5 to his charisma. 2. Similarly, a roll of 1 is not a glitch. Generally it’s going to fail, but it’s not an automatic failure. 3. We will be using, to some extent, “success by degrees”. If a task’s DC is 10, and you total a 25, you may, for example, deliver a more convincing bluff. However, if you fail by a broad amount, the consequences will be more spectacular. 4. We will be using background/location rules. 5. When using bluff/diplomacy/intimidate, there is a right way and a wrong way to use those skills: Wrong: “I bluff him! (roll)” Right: “I try to convince him that his shift is over because it’s (insert local holiday) today. (roll)”

The Measure of the World